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Azem Rexhaj

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Azem Rexhaj


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Azem Rexhaj


Over 10 years of experience in mining sector, including member of the establishment team and management of the Independent Commission of Mines and Minerals (ICCM) and drafting regulations for management of the guideline sector.

Over 10 years of experience working on the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects and Project Management.

Possess relevant experience and certification on Procurement procedures.

Skills & Abilities

  • Procurement
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Project Management

Professional Experience

Board member, Independent commission of mines and minerals (ICMM) Board

May 2015 – Present.

  • Approving/revoking of Exploration licensees, mining licensees, and processing plans.
  • Monitoring the Inspection of the mining activities.
  • Collection of Royalty for use of mineral resources.
  • Reporting to the Kosovo Parliament.
  • Advising Kosovo Government on issues related to the mining sector.
  • With the ICMM Board making all decisions under ICMM responsibilities in the decision-making process.

Executive Director, German – Kosovar Chamber of Commerce (KDWV)

Dec 2014 – June 2015

  • Managed Finance, Procurement, and Human Resources.
  • Organized of KDWV events
  • Managed KDWV relations with stakeholders and its members.
  • Implemented all Board decisions
  • Other issues that related directly or indirectly to the Executive Management of KDWV

Head of Project IMPLEMENTATION UNIT – Brezovica Resort Development Project (brdp), Deloitte COnsulting, cHEMONICS inc and Crimson Capital (USAID contractor).

March 2012 – September

Technical management of the BRDP.

Execution of decisions arising from the Project Inter-Ministerial Steering Committee.

Managed the oversight on the development of this project.

Supported the work between institutions allied with the project.

Coordinated project activities between USAID and the Republic of Kosovo Institutions.

Coordinated the work with Strategic Advisor and other advisors and consultants;

Coordinated the work with relevant departments of the Ministry of Trade and Industry associated with the project;

Management of contacts and relations with investors;

Drafted necessary promotional documents for the Project;

Managed activities related to the studies conducted for the project;

Reported to the Steering Committee on the project related issues.


January 2017 – Present

Professional trainer – Policy and Management Consulting LLC E – Procurement, Public Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Public Private Partnership (PPP) Procedures


January 2015 – Present

Lecturer – College for International Management “Globus” Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Project Management


March 2017 – Present

Lecturer – University for Business and Technology Procurement Management


May 2006 -2008

Assistant Lecturer, Operational Management University for Business and Technology


January 2008 – December 2009

Member of the Expert Group Negotiating Group of the Republic of Kosovo in relation to Power Plant Project ” Kosova e Re ”


April 2007 – March 2012

Executive Director Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, Kosovo

Prepared Regulations, Administrative Directions and Administrative Instructions, including various safety legislation;

Planned and prepared ICMM Budget and controlled budget implementation.

Planned ICMM Procurement and controlled the implementation of contracts.

Performed all functions delegated to myself by the Board;

Conducted the ordinary business of the Commission in accordance with any decisions or instructions issued by the Board;

Organized, appointed staff of the Commission in accordance with any decision made or instruction issued by the Board;

Prepared meetings of the Board ensuring the proper implementation of decisions made by the Board;

Chaired the pre-board meeting, finalized the recommendations to the Board regarding license applications;

Provision of legal support to national and international Companies regarding mining sector in Kosovo, license procedures, and Kosovo laws;

Provision of legal support to Companies and Municipalities concerning quarry licensing (exploration and exploitation licenses);

Provision of advice to the Governing Board regarding all ICMM matters, especially licensing, including fiscal law;

Provision information to the Municipalities regarding license procedures.


January 2007 – December 2008

Local Expert – Reform in the Administration by Kosovo Assembly, European Agency for Reconstruction, Kosovo


March 2007 – November 2008

Prepared the Procedures for Functioning and coordinated the Finance Division, Procurement Division and Logistic;

Prepared the Budget Planning for Kosovo Assembly;

Trained for Budget Planning;

Trained by doing the Finance, procurement, and Administration in Kosovo Assembly;

Advised the Permanent Secretary of Finance and Procurement issues;

Advised the Parliamentary Commission on Budget and Finance on Law for Budget for the year 2008.


Member of Steering Committee Power Plant Project “Kosova e Re”


April 2008 – March 2012

Deputy Director Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, Kosovo


April 2005 – April 2007

Performed all duties of the Director of ICMM during his absence;

Supported the Director in the management of his duties in accordance with the Law on the Establishment of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals.

Provided advice to the management board of all the activities that are the responsibility of the ICMM, in particular, civil service rules and policies, public procurement, public finances;

Planned and budgeted for ICMM in accordance with the law and monitoring of expenditure.

Planned and supervised the public procurement in ICMM and monitoring of performance.

Advised and supported the companies and Municipalities relating to the mining licensing.

Advised Municipalities in relation to the mining legislation, mining, and mineral rent policies.

Assisted on resolving disputes between mining companies and municipalities.

Prepared regulations, administrative guidelines, technical regulations and other procedures for the organization and functioning of the ICMM.


June 2004 – April 2005

Head of Finance and Budget Department Directorate of Mines and Minerals, Kosovo

Managed Finance Department;

Budget Planning;

Budget Execution.


February 2004 – June 2004

Finance Officer Directorate of Mines and Minerals, Kosovo Budget Execution.




University of Prishtina – Kosovo – Mr. Sc. in Economic Sciences – Management and Informatics – 2009

University for Business and Technology – Prishtina – MBA – International Expert for Management and Procurement Law – 2008

University of Prishtina – Kosovo – Ecc. Dipl. In Economics (Management and Informatics) – 2003



Language             Level

English                Fluent

Albanian              Native

German               Fluent

Serbo-Croatian Proficient



Fully proficient in Microsoft Office and related software



Contemporary International Business Transactions – UNMIK & University of Prishtina, Kosovo

2004       Effective Negotiations in Projects and Procurement – UNDP, Geneva, Switzerland

2004       General   Training / Safety at Work – MCI-DMM, Prishtina, Kosovo

2004       Basis of Public Finance, – Kosovo Institute for Public Administration, Prishtina, Kosova

2004       Procurement Professional Certificate for 2005, one-year training – Public Procurement Regulatory Commission, Prishtina Sustainable Energy, Clean Coal and Mining Technologies”, International Visitor Leadership – Program of the United States Department of State, United States of America

2005       Certify compilation of the Introduction to T&A Facilities & Projects Training Module, – Tennessee Valley Authority, USA

2005       Sustainable Energy, Clean Coal and Mining Technologies – Certificate, – Centre for International Understanding at – Bluefield State College, Bluefield, West Virginia, USA

2005       Situation Leadership Training – HARRMACH & PARTNER, ICMM, Prishtina Procurement Professional Certificate for 2006, one-year training – Public Procurement   Regulatory Commission

2007       Procurement Professional Certificate for 2007, one-year training – Public Procurement Regulatory Commission, Kosovo

2008       Procurement Professional Certificate for 2008, one-year training – Public Procurement Regulatory Commission, Kosovo

2009       Procurement Professional Certificate for 2009, one-year training – Public Procurement

Regulatory Commission, Kosovo

2009       Quality Management System Manager – Certified according to ISO 9001, Quality Austria, Wien, Austria

2010       Procurement Professional Certificate for 2010, one-year training – KIPA, Kosovo

2010       Quality Management System Auditor – Certified according to ISO 9001, Quality Austria, Wien, Austria