Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the recommended browser this site can best be viewed with?
Answer: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher.

Question: What are the prerequisites to run the GIS and the dataportal?
Answer: The minimum prerequisite is an up-to-date browser. You must have cookies and Activescript/Javascript enabled to run both the GIS viewer and the dataportal. In IE, go to internet settings and adjust the settings.

Question: I am permanently getting the error “…do not use the forward or backward button…”?
Answer: Either cookies are disabled or your browser is caching websites and doesn’t check for a newer version of the site on the server. In IE, go to internet settings and adjust the settings to have your browser to check for a new site whenever a new page is being requested. In principle, the pages contain information telling your browser not to cache any content.


Safety issues

Question: Is Kosova a safe country?
Answer: Yes, it definitely is.