Operation of Mining Sector in Kosovo – Institutional Framework

Mining activity is one of the oldest economic activities that deal with exploration, exploitation and enrichment of mineral resources.

            Institutional Framework:

The competent institutions for the mining sector in Kosovo are:

Ministry of Economic Development (MED)

– Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICMM)

– Other institutions related to the mining sector (KPA, MESP, KFA, Municipalities, etc.)

The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) was established by Assembly Decision no. 218 of 24.02.2011, as well as Regulation no. 02/2011 on the areas of administrative responsibilities of the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministries. It has all other responsibilities that the Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) has had in the Energy and Mining Sector, which was established in December 2004 as part of the transfer of competencies from UNMIK to the PISG.

MED drafts the policies, strategy and legislative framework for the development of the mining sector in Kosovo in order to ensure exploration, exploitation, enrichment, managing and protecting the economic values of useful minerals in the serving of the country’s development, respecting the requirements for environmental protection and the development of communities affected by mining activities.

Within the MED, operates the Kosovo Geological Service (KGS) as well as the State Museum of Crystals and Minerals – “Trepça”.

The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICMM) is an independent agency established by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, which has the general authority and responsibility to ensure:

  • issuing, transferring, extension, suspension and revocation of licenses and permits;
  • establishment and maintenance of the mining cadaster.

The ICMM provides technical assistance to the Government on all issues related to mines and minerals in Kosovo.

Political factors mainly refer to the government’s intervention in the economy, including the mining sector through the introduction and change of policies and laws, creating favorable conditions for exploitation and economic valorization of mineral resources and attracting investment.

Mining Strategy is the basic framework under which the objectives and development priorities of the mining sector are defined. The Mining Strategy sets policies and measures for the development of the mining sector in favor of economic development and social welfare.

Below we present the Mining Strategy documents of the Republic of Kosovo:

  • Mining Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo for the period 2012 – 2025;
  • Mining and Mining Strategy Plan
  • Mineral Resource Management Plan 

Legal framework

Laws, sub-legal acts and the following Government Decisions that have or may have an impact on the mining sector:

Sublegal acts

  • Regulation No. 06/2011 on Mining Safety;
  • Regulation No. 02/2012 on Mining Waste Management;
  • Regulation No. 02/2011 on the Content of Geological Research Programs and Elaborations of Geological Research Results;
  • Regulation No. 04/2011 on Treatment of the Mining Sector Community;
  • Administrative Instruction No. 01/2011 on Rules and Procedures for the Collection of Mineral Royalties.

Mining Strategy implementation principles

  • To provide for long-term economic/social benefits for Kosovo;
  • To contribute in the achievement of economic development objectives;
  • To contribute to environmental protection and mitigation of negative effects from mining activities;
  • To provide for the attraction of new investments in the mining sector.