There are many rivers in Kosovo, which flow toward the Adriatic Sea, the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea. The main rivers in Kosovo are: Drini i Bardhë (in the southern part of Kosovo – flows into the Adriatic Sea), Iber river (in the north-western part, flows into the Morava and Danube river and further into the Black Sea) and Lepenc river (in the south-eastern part, flows into the Vardar river toward the Aegean Sea).

More interesting, the Black Sea is drained by water from a surface water catchment area of 5,500 km², or 51 % of the Kosovo territory, the Adriatic Sea is drained by an area of 4,500 km², or 43 %, and the Aegean Sea is drained by an area of only 900 km², or 6 %.

Hydrology of Kosovo

The watersheds of the three main drainages (Drini i Bardhë, Iber river and Lepenc river) are touching each other approximately 16.5 km west of Ferizaj, in the cadastral zone of Budakovë (Suhareka Municipality). At this contact point of the three watersheds, the mountain Drmanska is located, reaching an elevation of 1,359 m above sea level. From here, the surface water flows towards the Adriatic Sea, the Black Sea or the Aegean Sea.

Other important rivers in Kosovo are: Sitnica river, Morava e Bisnecës, Bistrica e Pejës and Bistrica e Deçanit. Kosovo also does have a large number of karst springs, thermal and mineral water springs, glacial valleys and lakes and artificially made lakes.