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Meeting of the inter-institutional forum on “Land Management”

A regular meeting of the inter-institutional forum on “Land Management” was held on 19 May 2016.

ICMM is a regular member of this forum, leaded by MESP respectively Kosovo Cadastral Agency and it is supported by donors such as USAID, World Bank, Norwegian Government etc.

This time ICMM was represented by Mr. Musa Shabani – Chairman of the ICMM Board and Mr. Kemajl Zeqiri – Member of the ICMM Board.

Chairman of the Board, Mr. Musa Shabani raised the question of unexecuted decisions taken by the forum, as well as Mr. Musa Shabani required that in the future to be presented the terms and the institution responsible for the implementation of the forum’s decisions.

While Mr. Kemajl Zeqiri, noted the importance that cadastral system and marking of roads have in management of mines, since the inspectors in the field not rarely have difficulties to describe the ownership of respective parcels and roads, that further it remains as a problem for the ICMM in management and as well in fighting illegal operations.