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Press release

Prishtina – 27.04.2020

Accident with fatality – death of a worker in the mine of “Trepça-Crnac Unit”

We inform you that an accident with fatality – death of an employee in the mine of “Trepça-Crnac Unit” has occurred on 25.04.2020.
Accident has occurred in the VIII horizon, workplace 11/8-1 in Crnac mine, and an employee M.M, birth year 1968, has died in this accident. The deceased was a subcontracted employee of the enterprise “Rudar Invest”.
Upon receipt of notification from the staff of the Trepça mine-Crnac, ICMM respectively Chief Inspector of Mines, Mr. Fatmir Gerguri immediately organized the inspection team and they went to the scene.
Also, all the necessary institutions that are responsible for investigation of the accident, such as: Kosovo Police – Investigation Unit which it has also represented the Investigative Prosecutor, Forensic Medicine, Managers of Crnac mine, Manager of the enterprise “Rudar Invest” have arrived to the scene.
After removing the victim from the scene of the accident, around 19:15 on 25.04.2020, the body of the victim was send for an autopsy to the UCCK in Prishtina.
A professional commission was immediately established from the ICMM that has started the work on that day and it has issued an order to secure the accident’s zone and to investigate in detail the causes of the accident.
The inspectorate has stopped the work in the horizon in which the accident occurred until the completion of the investigation, while the enterprise is allowed to work in other workplaces.