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Press release

Within interinstitutional cooperation and with purpose of intensifying joint plans for development of the mining sector in compliance with environmental protection, Acting Minister of Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Mr. Ferat Shala with collaborators was for a working visit today in the ICMM.

Mr. Shala was welcomed by the Board and management staff of the ICMM. Chairman of the Board, Mr. Musa Shabani, briefly informed the Acting Minister and delegation about the scope of the ICMM activity, thanking for the intensification of cooperation, and also noted other issues for discussion among them there were three issues, important for sustainable development of the mining sector:
· Determination of zones or zoning in national parks
· Environmental consents for licensing likes of mining enterprises
· Coordination of inspectorates to prevent and stop illegal mining operations

Acting Minister, Mr. Shala, expressed his and his staff willingness for mutual cooperation, emphasising that in addition to environmental protection we should care as well for exploitation of mineral resources for economic development, and in this regard he expressed the willingness of mutual cooperation.

In continuation, Mr. Shala proposed that for all the issues raised in this meeting but as well for the issues that may arise in the future to create working groups with experts in order to get the best forms and ways for mineral resources to be available for development, but also to care for the environment.

As joint conclusion of meeting was continuation of cooperation with the purpose of harmonization of legislation and action plans in the field of mining development and environmental protection.