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The Board of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals held the second meeting during 2019

Prishtina – 24 January 2019

These decisions were taken during the meeting on review of applications of enterprises for licences and permits:

Reviewed applications for Exploration Licenses:

Approved 2
Refused 3
Postponed 3
In total 8

Reviewed applications for Exploration Licenses – transfer:

Postponed 1
In total 1

Reviewed applications for Mining Licenses:

Approved 3
Postponed 1
In total 4

Reviewed applications for Mining Licenses -Closure:

Postponed 2
In total 2

 Reviewed applications for Special Operations Permits (Separation, Concrete base and Asphalt base):

Approved 11
Refused 4
Postponed 1
In total 16

The Board has reviewed and approved as well the ICMM Work Plan for 2019.