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The Committee on Economy, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade visited the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals

A working meeting in the ICMM’s premises was held on 12 May 2021 with the request of the Committee on Economy, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade, from the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.

The Parliamentary Commission is represented by Mr Ferat Shala (Chairperson of the Committee) accompanied as well by Jeta Statovci (Vice-chairperson), Fidan Jilta, Armend Muja and Driton Hyseni (Members of the Committee), while the ICMM is represented by Mr Avdi Konjuhi (Acting Chairman of the Board of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals), Mr Ramiz Krasniqi (Director of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals), Mr Naim Sejdiu (Chief Inspector of Mines), and as well by some of the Heads of Departments in the ICMM.

Mr Konjuhi and other ICMM’s officials informed deputies on the ICMM’s work and the challenges that accompany the work of this agency.

The ICMM’s leaders considered the main challenges: safety at work, case delays in court proceedings, prohibition of illegal operations, non-approval and amendment of the new Law on Mines and Minerals, lack of Board, review of the possibility by the Government of Republic of Kosovo for the temporary prohibition of issuing licenses for the exploitation of hard rocks that are used for blasting for infrastructure needs, etc.
On the other hand, the deputies were interested in the impact of the Law on Economic Recovery in the mining sector, obligations of mining operators, illegal operations, consequences of mining activity on the environment, inter-institutional cooperation and other issues within the ICMM’s scope. The deputies also confirmed their readiness for cooperation in solving problems in the mining sector.
The ICMM’s officials clarified the issues raised and emphasized that they will not allow the use of resources outside the planned dynamic plan.
In the end, both parties concluded that it is necessary to speed up the election of the ICMM’s Board, the better institutional coordination to prohibit illegal operations, and as well as the creation of a clearer legal framework.