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The Director of Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals met interested participants for investments in mining sector in Kosovo

Prishtina – November 2018

The Director of the ICMM, Mr Ramiz Krasniqi met today Mr Gennaro Martinucci, representative of the Trade Unions for Employment in Italy, and as well the Main Manager of the enterprise Genny Trading- Gt.

The Director of the ICMM made a remark about the responsibilities and activity of the ICMM, where he informed in detail the participants for the possibilities of obtaining licences in this independent agency.

The guests expressed their interest especially for the zinc, chrome and gold minerals. Also, the concession of mines for ninety-nine years with Public Private Partnerships was one of their aims.

Head of Geology Department, Mr Sali Mulaj, informed them in detail about the condition of licencing. He informed them as well that there are now eleven zones of interest that they are in responsibility of the Government of Kosovo.

Both parties expressed their desire for cooperation as well in the future.