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The official visit of the NANR Specialists from Albania in ICMM

Press release

 Prishtina – 16 December 2021

A delegation of six members of Albania, conforming to the Memorandum of Understanding between National Agency of Natural Resources (NANR) and the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals (ICMM) and as well within the cooperation and exchange of mutual experience between two institutions, was invited for an official visit from the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals for a period of 14-17 December 2021 in poly-metals and coal mines in our country.

The first meeting was in the ICMM’s office, led by the Chairwoman of the ICMM Board, Mrs Selvete Pllana-Grajqevci, the other four Members of the Board, Director Mr Ramiz Krasniqi, Chief Inspector of Mines and Head of Geology Department. Delegation from Albania was represented by Mr. Gjovalin Lekaj, Director of Mines and the other 4 members of senior management of NANR. A summary of latest activities that are being developed in mining sector from both Kosovo and Albania was done in this meeting.

After the field visits from the NANR delegation, they were hosted for the second meeting in the ICMM’s office where it was discussed the essential issues of the function of the ICMM, especially for the number of issued licenses and permits, their management by the ICMM’s Inspectorate, re-cultivation of mines after their closure etc.

After the visit that the delegation had yesterday in KEK, today they will continue to visit the Museum of Crystals in the enterprise “Trepça” J.S.C., and there is going to be held a meeting with the management of enterprise, memorial complex “Adem Jashari” in Prekaz and tomorrow it will be held the final meeting of delegation and the Chief of Geological Survey of Kosovo and Ambassador of Albania in Kosovo, Mr. Minxhozi.