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Decision on extending the deadline for completing the documentation

No. 001/2020
Dt. 09.06.2020

INDEPENDENT COMMISION FOR MINES AND MINERALS (ICMM), Pursuant to Article 59.1, Article 62 of the Law No. 03/L-163 on Mines and Minerals, and Article 78 paragraph 2 of the
Law No. 05/L-031 on General Administrative Procedure, after analysing the situation created as a consequence of COVID-19 pandemic, the ICMM Board in the meeting held on 29.05.2020 takes this:




  1. The deadline to fulfil Notifications, Remarks and Rulings is extended for enterprises that have applied for licensing in the ICMM that have failed to fulfil these conditions during the time of COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. According to point I of this decision, an additional deadline of 30 days is given to enterprises to fulfil conditions.


This decision must be published in the official gazette and the ICMM’s website.

Ramiz Krasniqi
Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals