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Field visits

Prishtina, 2017

The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals – ICMM is an independent agency determined by the Article 142 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo.
The ICMM shall manage mining activities by acting in the public interest in Kosovo in accordance with the Law No. 03/L-163 on Mines and Minerals and the Law No. 04/L-158 on Amending and Supplementing the Law No. 03/L-163 on Mines and Minerals and the Mining Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo.

The Board and the Director of ICMM is conducting field visits based on the legal responsibilities of the Board of ICMM determined by the LMM and by assessing the importance of monitoring the developments in geological and mining aspects in field.

Field visits
Several field visits have been conducted until now including North, West and Central part. The visits will continue to be conducted as well during the following days.
In order to coordinate better this activity, the Board together with Director agreed to conduct visits on Tuesday. Hereupon, it is suggested that the Board and Director to coordinate activities that as possibly to be a part of the field work during Tuesday; on the other hand, the Board and Director will coordinate works in that way that during field work to not have any delay or obstruction in the works and daily obligations of the ICMM, whether they are responsibilities of Board or Executive. Based on this, the Board and Director may decide to change the date and as well the team composition.

This activity is expected to be continues as well in the following years based on the visits’ dynamics. The Board and Director as needed may compile periodically reports and they can make conclusions related to the works and responsibilities of the ICMM and the respective units within it.

Good luck!
The Board of ICMM