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Information meeting of the Board of “Trepça” JSC and the Board of the ICMM

Press release
Prishtina – 01 April 2022

The meeting held today was an information meeting about the current state of the mines of “Trepça” JSC.
The Chairwoman of the ICMM’s Board, Mrs Selvete Grajqevci- Pllana, initially welcomed the representatives of the Board of the enterprise “Trepça” JSC, Mr Bahri Hyseni, Chairman of the Board and other members, Mr Muharrem Peci, Mr Xhevdet Tahiri and Mr Bujar Bilalli. The Chairwoman of the Board did a briefly description of the activities that are being undertaken by the Board and the staff of the ICMM, with aim to review as professionally as it possible all applications for licensing or for Special Operation Permits. A brief description was done also to the activities undertaken by the ICMM’s Inspectorate, in order to inspect and monitor all enterprises licensed by the ICMM. Mrs Pllana also emphasised the challenges with which the ICMM’s Board is facing with, taking into consideration the accumulation of many cases as a result of the lack of the Board for about a year and a half.
It was discussed also in this meeting about the debts that the enterprise “Trepça” JSC owes to the ICMM.

The Chairman of the Board of the enterprise “Trepça” JSC, Mr Bahri Hyseni, presented the current state of the enterprises’ mines and the difficulties they are facing with. According to Mr Hyseni, the new Board after taking the duty has for aim to increase the efficiency of exploitation, exploration, modernization of mines, increase of processing capacities, etc.
Except actions to be undertaken by the Board for improvement of the general state of mines, Mr Hyseni emphasized that it is needed a close cooperation with the ICMM that administers all permits and licenses for mining exploitation including Joint Stock Companies, such it is “Trepça”.