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Date/Time: 04.12.2017, 10:00


Government Building (former Rilindja building) – Prishtina.

The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals held a meeting on 04.12.2017 with mining companies to discuss general procedures, including legislation, technical regulations, administrative instructions, but as well general challenges that are in mining industry in general.

ICMM was represented by the ICMM Board, Director, Heads of Departments and Supporting Staff.

On this occasion, Musa Shabani – Chairman of the ICMM Board and Ramiz Krasniqi – Director of the ICMM held speeches where they informed the enterprises about the challenges, the developments but as well for the reforms that the Board respectively the ICMM is undertaking to facilitate the procedures for enterprises, but also in order to increase accountability to mineral resources, increase the revenues for the state, to protect the environment and beneficiaries for communities. Skender Sallahu – Director of the Department of Mines / MED held as well a speech.

Also, Sali Mulaj and Jahir Gashi from the ICMM presented to the enterprises the forms and procedures for drafting reports and drafting projects based on the applicable legislation.

The last part was reserved for discussions.

Panel composed of: Musa Shabani- Chairman of the ICMM Board, Kemajl Zeqiri -Member of the ICMM Board, Avdi Konjuhi-Member of the ICMM Board, Ramiz Krasniqi-Director of ICMM, Fatmir Gërguri-Chief Inspector of Mines – ICMM and Skender Sallahu – Director of the Department of Mines / MED replied to questions and discussed with the representatives of mining enterprises and other mining stakeholders in the country.

During the debate, representatives of enterprises expressed their concerns about: bank guarantees for rehabilitation, illegal mining activities, legal collisions, projects and their revision as well as other mining issues.

Also it was discussed the cooperation between the ICMM and the enterprises in the mining sector in order to facilitate the administrative procedures of licensing.

It should be emphasized that over 140 representatives of enterprises and other stakeholders in the mining sector attended the meeting. On this occasion, the ICMM distributed to the participants a CD with the necessary material for the present representatives.

It should also be emphasized that such organization was supported as welcomed by mining enterprises and other mining stakeholders in the country