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Meeting of the ICMM with the representatives of the State Aid Commission

 Today on 16.02.2020, for the first time a meeting was held in the ICMM between the representatives of the State Aid Commission and the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals.

The participants of the ICMM in the meeting were Avdi Konjuhi, Acting Chairman of the Board, Ramiz Krasniqi, Director of the ICMM, Selvete Grajqevci – Pllana, Chairman of the Legal Department and the representatives of the State Aid Commission were Fortuna Haxhikadrija – Chairman of Commission, Asdren Osaj and Mehmet Krasniqi, members.

Representatives of the State Aid Commission were interested for the manner of implementing the Law No. 07/L-016 on Economic Recovery – COVID-19 in mining sector and as well for enterprises that benefit from this Law.

Representatives of the ICMM informed them that according to this Law, all enterprises possessing Mining Licences for mining resources shall be exempted from paying royalty from 1 January to 31 May.

It has been explained in the meeting that the licensed enterprises are obliged to carry out mining activity according to the conditions of the Mining Licence, to develop zone of mining licences in compliance with Mining Program that is submitted and accepted by ICMM.

It has been explained as well that the Inspectorate of the ICMM and the Departments of the ICMM are obliged to implement the decision and to supervise the implementation of mining programs.

The meeting ended as a successful and well-informed one for both parties of the meeting.