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Meeting with representatives of Albanian businesses from Canada and Switzerland

Prishtina, 09 August 2019


The Board of the ICMM, led by the Chairman of the Board, Mr Musa Shabani, together with the Members of the Board, Director and Chief Inspector of Mines, met Naser Berisha, head of businesses from Albanian lands in Canada, and Mr Milaim Dulla, representative of the businesses in Switzerland. After the presentation of the work of the ICMM and the mineral resources that the Republic of Kosovo possesses, the Chairman of the Board informed the interested parties about the possibility of investment in the mining sector. Mr Berisha elaborated the mineral resources of the Canada state and the interest of the diaspora from the Albanian lands to bring investors of the small and medium businesses to invest in the Republic of Kosovo. Mr Dulla expressed his interest for the Magnesite mines in Golesh and Strezofc and the possibility of investment by the Swiss businesses. Both parties expressed the willingness to have meetings as well in the future because Kosovo has opportunities for investments in this sector.