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Mining sector, an important factor for economic development


A delegation from the German Ministry of Finance represented by Claus Peter Pietras and Frank Wogan and GIZ representatives, Ralf Januz and Jens Kipper were hosted by the Board of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals of Kosovo (ICMM). The purpose of the visit was to see closely the challenges that the mining sector is facing with in Kosovo especially the Trepça giant. In order to see closely the challenges that Trepça is facing with, the representatives of Germany together with the Board Members of the ICMM were hosted by the Trepça’s Director, Ahmet Tmava. Mr Tmava emphasised that Trepça is undergoing difficulties of different natures. He also expressed that he is waiting for the Board for Trepça to be created, to register as a joint stock company and the Law on Trepça to be functionalised.

Then, the delegation was hosted by the Rector of UMIB, Alush Musaj, where the topic of discussion was the education and preparation of new generation for the mining sector. Representatives of UMIB informed us in detail about the mining programs functioning within the Faculty of Geosciences. The studies are organized in three Departments within this Faculty: Geology, Mining, Materials and Metallurgy.

The development of the policies in mining sector was as well an interest for the representatives of Germany. A meeting was also held with representatives of the Commission for Economic Development, Infrastructure, Trade, Industry and Regional Development, where we were hosted by the Chairwoman of the Commission, Sala Berisha-Shala, where it was discussed the possibilities of support and cooperation in the field of mining policies, legislation, social and environmental issues.

At the end of the meeting agenda, it was important as well the meeting with the Ministry of Economic Development. Minister Valdrin Lluka hosted a meeting with the representatives of Germany and the ICMM. Minister emphasized that the mining sector is one of the most important sectors in economic development of the country and we are cooperating with the German state in order to develop more this sector.

After all these meetings, representatives of Germany expressed their interest to help economic development, respectively in the mining sector, since the German state also had a transition period and to use their practices on how they overcame these crises.