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Press release – Meeting with KFOR representatives

Press release

Prishtina – 26 August 202

Meeting with KFOR representatives

The Director of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, Mr. Ramiz Krasniqi, together with Chief Inspector of Mines, Mr. Fatmir Gërguri, with the inter-institutional cooperation had today an informative meeting with KFOR representatives, Mr. ILT Parker Mooney, Mr. SGT Nathaniel Potter and Mr. Ciprian Andrica.

Representatives from KFOR were interested for the number of licenses and permits issued and managed by the ICMM, field inspections, blasting carried out to enterprises that mining is carried out through blasting, serious injuries that occur during mining activities, especially in mines with underground mining respectively in the mines of the enterprise “Trepça” JSC, revenues generated by the ICMM from mining activities for the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, etc.

Director and Chief Inspector of Mines informed the KFOR representatives for the ICMM competences and role in the development of mining sector, work conditions mainly of field staff in pandemic conditions, the very good cooperation between the ICMM, Department of Public Safety within MIA and KFOR in monitoring of explosives and execution of blasting, etc.

The representatives of institutions agreed to continue and to extent further this cooperation especially on the safety of surface and underground mines.