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Press release – Visit in KEK

Press release

Prishtina – 05 October 2020

Visit in KEK

Avdi Konjuhi Acting Chairman of the Board, Ramiz Krasniqi Director of the ICMM, Fatmir Gerguri Chief Inspector of Mines have met today for a working meeting with the senior management of the Kosovo Energy Corporation, Mr Luigj Imeri Managing Director, Mr Hanefi Hajdini Executive Director and as well their collaborators.
We are informed by the KEK management that they are exactly working with the project and licenses but it has been created a situation to E9B due to hindrances with expropriation starting from 17.09.2020 and it is still continuing even today, it is risking the safety of the mine’s operation in every aspect such as in execution of plan, planned technology and mine’s safety.
They are working as well to solve this problem in conformity with laws for this nature of work that are in the Republic of Kosovo.
A visit has been carried out to the coal mines in KEK to be informed with the work dynamic in mines and in general with activities that are now being carried out.

The ICMM management vowed to support this enterprise as in the past regarding the providing with licenses and in very necessary aspect, in compliance with the Law on Mines and Minerals.