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Report from a visit – Pb-Zn Mines / Leposavic

The ICMM delegation comprising of: Kemajl Zeqiri – Member of the Board/Head of the delegation, Avdi Konjuhi – Member of the Board, Festim Kutllovci – Member of the Board, Fatmir Gërguri – Chief Inspector, Ivan Kovacevic – Inspector, Shpresa Krasniqi – Translator within the field visits and visits in mining enterprises according to the plan of the ICMM Board, visit the Pb-Zn mines in Leposavic on 10.10.2017.

The ICMM delegation was welcomed in the offices of the Directorate of Trepca mines in Leposavic by the Director of Mines with Cernac and Belloberdo floatation Stevica Vidosavljevic, Director of mine, Dragan Trifunovic and Director of flotation, Radisav Trifunovic.

Mr. Kemajl Zeqiri informed the Management about the purpose of the visit by emphasizing the good cooperation that the ICMM has currently with these mines. Mr. Zeqiri emphasized as well the problems and difficulties that Trepca mines in general have currently, especially Cernac and Belloberdo mines, by emphasizing the difficulties in production, lack of investments, environmental problems, non-payment of royalties etc.

Mr. Stevica Vidosavljevic thanked the ICMM Board and the ICMM for the visit by emphasizing the mutual cooperation, especially the support of the Board and the ICMM that continuously are offering for Cernac and Belloberdo mines. Mr. Trifunovic, as well, informed the delegation on the general state of mines, the production and actual difficulties, by showing confidence that together to engage in order to find the possibilities for investments and to increase the production capacity in these mines.

Then there were discussion on the above-mentioned issues. Delegation ensured the management that the ICMM will continue to support the development of Cernac and Belloberdo mines to increase the production and to achieve the rentability base on legal competencies.

The delegation then had a field visit in Belloberdo mine and in hydro-filling station in 1430 m quota, constructed with the mine’s investments during 2017. The visit ended around 15:00 h.