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The Board and the Director of Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals met interested participants from Canada for investments in the Republic of Kosovo

Prishtinë – 14 January 2019

With the request of Halifax Safety Forum to have meetings between their Member of the Board, Mr Ahmet Taçyildiz, with high authorities in Kosovo in the economy field, with primary emphasis in the mining and energy field, he met with the Board and Director of the ICMM.

The purpose of the visit of Mr Ahmet Taçyildiz, Chief Executive Officer of the company “Çalık Gayrimenkul”, part of the network” Çalık Holding”, sponsor in the Halifax Safety Forum and managerial positions in the Canadian mining company “Aldridge Minerals Inc” was to be informed for the political and economic climate of doing business in Kosovo, in the mining and energy field. Mr Ahmet Taçyildiz was interested for metallic minerals especially for lead and zinc minerals in the zones explored by Trepça. The Chairman of the Board, Mr Musa Shabani, made a detailed presentation on possibilities of application in free zones, and about zones of special interest for which he said to them that they have to address to the Government respectively to the Public Private Partnerships Department, whereas for the interest for mines of Trepça, the Board of the ICMM informed them to address to the Government. Mr Taçyildiz was informed for the opportunities offered through the Law on Strategic Investments. The Board and Director of the ICMM promised them support and maximal transparency on possibility of application for any licence in the ICMM, if the company decides to invest in the Republic of Kosovo.