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The Board, the Director and the Chief Inspector of ICMM met Academic staff of the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini” and participants of MED

Prishtina – 19 February 2019

The Board, Director and the Chief Inspector of the ICMM met with Professors of the Faculty of Geosciences representatives of MED – Department of Mines and Kosovo Geological Survey with representative, Mr Fidaim Sahiti, Director.

The second meeting was consultation on the details of organization of the International Conference in Mitrovica that after proposal of the Board Members Mr Avdi Konjuhi and Mr Festim Kutllovci it was decided to be held on 11-12 October 2019. Organizing Council with consist of four Professors of the University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”, two Members of the ICMM Board, one representative of Department of Mines – MED and one representative of Kosovo Geological Survey. Proposal of Mr Kemajl Zeqiri was that there should be people with high scientific degrees who have given their contribution until now. The meeting of the Organizing Council according to the proposal of Dr. Sc. Sabri Avdullahi will be held in the end of June 2019. Presentation of papers will be done until 15 September 2019.  The participation will be obligatory for those who will submit papers according to proposal of Mr Kemajl Zeqiri