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Albania-Kosovo international conference

Tirana – 10 May 2019

Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania in cooperation with the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals, MED of Kosovo and GS of both countries have organized the Conference in Tirana with subject: Integral Development of the mining industry with minimal impact in environment”.

This is the second international conference, as the first conference was organized in May 2018 in Prishtina from the Independent Commission for Mines and Mineral in cooperation with Albanian state.

Leader of Socialist Party Parliamentary Group, Taulant Balla said that the Government- Assembly cooperation is important for mining sector and minimal impact in environment. It shall be changed the licencing manner in mining sector in order to make it easier, to encourage the investors in this sector, Mr Balla expressed among other things.

Minister of MED, Mr Valdrin Lluka said that he has priority creation of more competitive environment in mining sector in the Ministry he leads as a precondition to attract foreign investments and development of mining sector. He emphasised the elimination of bureaucracy and creation of legal favourable base as one of the factors to attract local and foreign investors.

The Chairman of the ICMM Board, Mr Musa Shabani spoke about the importance of this sector and the mineral potential of Kosovo. He presented among other things the ICMM’s achievements, increase of the revenues from royalties as indicator of investments in mining sector and as well increase of the employers’ number in this sector. Mr Shabani expressed among other things the belief that the conference will increase the institutional and regional cooperation to encourage international investors.

Mr. Kemal Zeqiri, Member of the ICMM Board expressed among other things in his presentation that the mining sector in Kosovo needs reforms. He expressed the importance of establishment of a single office “One stop shop” within ICMM to facilitate the licencing procedures. This and other progressive reforms will be enabled by the approval of the Law on Mines and Minerals which it is in procedure of approval in the Assembly of Kosovo since two years ago.

The ICMM’s Director, Mr Mr Ramiz Krasniqi presented the paper with the subject: “Magnesium resources in Kosovo”.

Participants in the conference were representatives of the Assembly of the RA, Government of the RA, ICMM, AGS, GSK, Faculty of Geology from Albania and Kosovo. The focus of this conference was the presentation of the opportunities of exploitation and processing of mineral resource of both countries and the development of mining activities with minimal impact in environment.

The representatives of both states Albania and Kosovo agreed to continue with meetings of such nature as well in the future.

A visit in Spaç mine was realised in the second day of the conference on 11 May in order for participants to see closely the contemporary investments in mining industry in Albania.