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Decision on emergency state dt. 16.03.2020


Prishtina, 16.03.2020

                                                                                                                     Ref. 005/2020

Pursuant to Article 39 paragraph 1 and Article 62 of the Law on Mines and Minerals and the decision No. 01/09 dt. 13.03.2020 and the decision No. 01/11 dt. 15.03.2020, the Board of the Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals takes this:


  1. It is established the ICMM emergency staff comprising of the ICMM Board, the ICMM Director, the ICMM Chief Inspector.
  2. It is cancelled the work with party until the new decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, ICMM will not offer and accept any service except those emergency ones.
  3. It is postponed the review of applications, requests and appeals until it is issued a new decision by the Government of the Republic of Kosovo.
  4. It is postponed the payment of the financial obligations by the enterprises to the ICMM including as well the interest for delay.
  5. The ICMM will offer the continuous support for the Kosovo Energy Corporation for stable and sustainable supply with electricity.
  6. The ICMM shall inform all Banks and Insurance Companies to stop guarantees and policies that will expire during this time.
  7. It is obliged the ICMM Director and Chief Inspector to appoint emergency staff.
  8. Director and Chief Inspector are obliged to organise and coordinate the work with the whole staff through email.
  9. It is allowed to use the official vehicles by the member of emergency staff and the emergency staff for emergency needs.


Rami Krasniqi


Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals