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Press Release No. 02/2017

Clarification for public regarding the Exploration License near “Crepule” Zubin Potok and Skenderaj Municipalities Prishtina

We inform the general public that ICMM is the only institution to license mining activities in the Republic of Kosovo.
ICMM exercises its function under the Law of Mines Minerals No.03/163 respectively Law No.04/L-158 on Amending and Supplementing the basic law and relevant laws. Thus licensing of mining companies is done according to the provisions of the mentioned laws and consents from relevant institutions.

Therefore, in order to inform the public right, the ICMM declares that the enterprise “A.GJ.A.” L.l.c has applied for transfer of control in compliance with the Law on Mines and Minerals, ICMM has reviewed the application and after it is concluded that the application is in compliance with the Law on Mines and Minerals, the ICMM Board has approved the transfer of control to which the enterprise ”Altair Resources” is co-owner for the Exploration License for M-1 (metallic minerals) deposit with the enterprise “A.GJ.A.” L.l.c. Exploration field is Crepule and it is located in Skenderaj and Zubin Potok Municipalities.